Dancing flickering Turquoise Green Hummingbird Solar Power


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    We are all looking to add a touch of dancing and wobbling Turquoise green body with purplish color wings solar powered Hummingbird into your garden life. This delightful small dancing wobble Hummingbird garden stakes will place a smile on your face every time you catch a glimpse of a flying hummingbird visiting your favorite garden or flower pots. A great way to enhance hummingbird gardens too! Dancing flickering Turquoise green body hummingbird by solar in your garden has never been this easy! They look wonderful in the yard, but are just as fun indoors in a plant, by a window sill, or added into a flower pot all the hummingbirds needs is the UV Sun ray and the attached solar panel to make it dance around your garden or yard. We love the size of these perfect 4.72″ wing length from side to side, and the Turquoise green body and faded purplish color wings makes this unique hummingbird look invisible life like with the 18″ height including the garden stakes! Other times you’re simply looking for something to surprisingly catch your eye, just as a delicate live butterfly and hummingbird would. Sprinkle a few of these around, and every time you see one, you’ll think of all the beauty in the world. Wow! Amazingly fantastic dancing flying Humming bird anchored by a wire! When in use, the Hummingbird will fly in circles, flapping dancing and wobble its wings. Looks so real you won’t believe your eyes!

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Product Code: GLS0354T.

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