Boxer Dog With Lantern Solar Light


  • Description
    • Solar powered
    • No Wiring
    • Powered by the sun
    • Fast and easy to install
    • Energy saving
    • Recharged by solar panels under sunlight
    • Light turns on automatically when dark
    • Super bright LED for brighter light output
    • Rechargeable Ni-Cd AA battery (included)
    • Safe water resistant
    • CE certified
    • LED bulb never burns out
    • Up to 10 hours of light when dark
    • LEDs can last up to 100,000 hours
    • Batteries are rechargeable and should last for approximately 2 years before replacing
    • Ideal for areas where conventional electrial supply is not available
    • Product size approx 17″ x 12″ X 8″
    • Lantern has 1 LED, it can be separate from the hook of the dogs mouth. Lantern dimension is 3.3”diameter, 5.5” Height , from the lantern holder to the bottom of the lantern is 8” long, use 1 AA-NiCad battery, made out of Polyresin, and ABS, and metal. Lantern can be by itself, table or use in camping etc.
  • Additional Information
    Weight 5.5 lbs
    Dimensions 12 x 10 x 18 in
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Product Code: GLB5186A.

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