GE Solar LED Christmas Lights- outdoors

A quick check of how these new cone style lights are going to look outdoors on the intended target- An 8 foot Frazier fir tree in an area not accessable by an AC outlet.

7 Responses to “GE Solar LED Christmas Lights- outdoors”

  1. fortyfiveplayer says:

    some people know me too well…. it’s scarey. lol.

  2. fortyfiveplayer says:

    I will when I make it permanent- I haven’t decided yet if it’s gonna be in the ground (probably) or mounted on a tree trunk nearby- (maybe)

  3. iVolkswagen says:

    can you show how you are setting up the solar panel itself outdoors? (peferablly during daytime haha). Are you putting it IN the tree or on the ground?

  4. towrecker says:

    storage of those sets will tell ya know , it makes ya wander if you need to leave the solar panel where they can get light all year …but wait you will use those for something else , we know that lol

  5. fortyfiveplayer says:

    They are Lithium Ion- they should hold up very well, as they don’t have the memory effect of the old NiCads. But you’re right- we shall see!

  6. desoto1961 says:

    It does look good!!

  7. seeburgsrock says:

    Let’s see how long the batteries will last before finally needing replacement – yearly – every 2 years? Looking very nice though!

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